Bruce Anderson
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Leases, Sales and Acquisition

We offer excellent services in the leasing, sales and acquisitions of all categories of properties, especially, commercial and residential ones.

Our watchword is service and satisfaction.

Property&Facilities Management

At Bruce Anderson International Realty we take away the stress of day to day administration of a property and the facilities therein from owners.

We have in place a proven and efficient system that guarantees sustained returns on investment not only in terms of regular rent but also through reduction in voids and a zero tolerance for “Use/User Induced Obsolescence” and minimizing the effect of temporal wear and tear.

Appraisal and property valuation

At Bruce Anderson International Realty, we keep our clients abreast of their property’s value in the open market, and for other purposes too, employing the latest methods and techniques of appraisal.

Investment/Mortgage Advisory

We advise on property development,

real estate finance and mortgage. We provide investment analysis and investment

options interrogated through the cardinal metrics of real estate investment:

o  Highest and best use.

o  Feasibility and viability.

o  Return on investment.

o  Payback period.