How To Use The WordPress Block Editor – WordPress Gutenberg Guide (2)

One of the most common problems that a webmaster will face is the owner of a website forgets or loses the admin password to gain access to wordpress slow the WP-ADMIN area. It can be due to the server not being configured to use the PHP mail() function, or a hacker has managed to gain access to the wp-admin area and simply changed the email address of the admin user, or you simply do not have access to the email. Overall, we’re not factoring in the Developer Plan in this comparison since it doesn’t seem to qualify as a managed WordPress hosting plan.

  • Your website URL
  • Review the Changes
  • “HTTP Error 500”
  • Developers like the template system better (Once they understood it)
  • Setup Blogging Platform

Softaculous is an auto web application installer system that can be found in web hosting control panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk and etc. If you’ve installed WordPress using Softaculous, there is a function that allows you to easily reset the admin password. 3. You will get shared IP/Dedicated IP as per your plan, so you can login and put your blog files there.

There are also ways to have your plugins automatically update, though it’s often better to manually update plugins so that you have more control over when your updates happen. The good thing about WordPress is the huge selection of free plugins and themes that allow any users to extend the features and change the look without knowing a thing about web programming.

There are many simple caching plugins out there for WordPress. The new block editor might get there someday. It’s one of the best places for beginners because you can get started for FREE. You should get the message “The installation details were edited successfully” to confirm the modification. 3. Click the Edit Details icon for the website running WordPress.

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